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Children's books
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You are special

Hardcover and ebook

You do know that you are very, very special, right?


You are special is a poetic little children's book about the uniqueness of each human being and the unwavering value of each individual. The book aims to strengthen and inspire the reader by lifting otherwise elusive topics around self-esteem and self-worth in a simple and playful way.


Perfect as a gift to a loved one! Could also serve as a springboard for the parent or teacher who wants to open up for deeper conversations with the children.

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Also available in Swedish!

Said about the book:

"A cute and nice little book that is very easy to read and that is perfect to give away to someone you think is special. I feel very special after reading!" - @stinas_boksida, Instagram

"Wanted to find a good children's book for my daughter that was nice and interesting. Both the title and back cover of this book gave me a sense of curiosity. Once I opened the book, there are cute pictures with clues as to why 'You are special.' Once you got to the last page, everything fell into place, so beautiful. Will read this book for my daughter many times and create great memories with her. Recommend this book. You will not regret it when you see the nice message at the end of the book. " - Jonny


"The illustrations are beautiful, colorful, and perfect, enabling the young mind’s attention. I believe nowadays it is important to teach our children to feel valued and part of the community regardless of how different they may be." - Jeyran Main, Review Tales

"Incredibly cute and nice book with a beautiful message! Nice illustrated pictures. Perfect to give away as a christening gift or similar. Highly recommended!" - Ina



The Animal Detectives:

The Puppy Adventure

(Only available in Swedish)

Ellie finds food that can poison animals. Did it all end up in her garden by accident or is someone trying to hurt her puppy Leo?

At the same time, the neighbors goats get sick. Does everything fit together? Can Jakob and Joakim solve the mystery before something serious happens?

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Djurdeckarna: Kaninäventyret, framsida

The Animal Detectives:

The Rabbit Adventure

(Only available in Swedish)

A rabbit is found abandoned in a cage in Björkviken. The detective brothers Jakob and Joakim make sure that the rabbit is saved and then sets of in search for the culprit. Are there any clues on the note found along with the cage? Whose rabbit is it and why has he been abandoned?


The adventure does not go at all as the boys have thought and they end up in big trouble.

Will they succeed in capturing the villain and saving themselves?

Read more and buy!

Djurdeckarna: Hundäventyret, framsida

The animal detectives:

The dog adventure

(Only available in Swedish)

Some dogs mysteriously disappear in Björkviken and the brothers Jakob and Joakim end up in the middle of the adventure. Are the dogs stolen or has something else happened? Whose bags are found and do they have anything to do with the disappearance? And why would anyone want to hurt the dogs?

The hunt for clues and dogs takes an unexpected turn. Can the dogs be rescued before it is too late? 

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Djurdeckarna: Gräsandsäventyret, framsida

The animal detectives:

The duck adventure

(Only available in Swedish)

A duck gets caught in a fishing line in the lake near Björkviken and the brothers Jakob and Joakim make sure that it is saved. While the boys sets of in search of the culprit, more animals are injured by rubbish left behind. Can they prevent it from happening again? Who has left the fishing line? And how do you best catch the culprit?

The guys have soon devised a plan, but the mystery becomes more difficult to solve than they thought. 

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Djurdeckarna: Katthemsäventyret, framsida

The animal detectives:

The cat shelter adventure

(Only available in Swedish)

Björkviken's cat shelter is threatened and the brothers Jakob and Joakim are involved in the hunt for the culprit. But how has anyone been able to break in without it being visible? Who wrote the note? And who really wants to hurt the cats?

Time is running out. Do they have time to expose the villain and save the cats before it's too late?

Read more and buy!

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