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About me

My upbringing largely consisted of cartoons, picture books, paper, pencils, watercolor and brushes. I filled the pages of the school books with my sketches and studied Donald Duck magazines as if they were school books.


I felt early on that it was as an artist I was going to make a living and when I, as a 15-year-old, had my first illustrations published in the local newspaper, my future plans took a more concrete form. In 2008, I graduated with a degree in comics and storytelling and have more or less worked as a freelance comic book creator and illustrator ever since.

My illustrations have got the most appearances in the form of the comic strip World of Will and the children's book series The animal detectives.

Way of working

It all starts with an idea and a sketch. Different alternatives are tested until I have found a good version where the image conveys the intended message and the right feeling.

When the foundation is ready, I ink and color with watercolor or on my computer, depending on what suits the illustration best.

I work in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.

I am happy to leave the script work to my competent author colleagues, but can sometimes also do my own projects where I am responsible for the script myself.

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